Why Shop with Breathing4aReason?

    1. Why Shop with Breathing4aReason? Shopping with a Quality Care, High Performance American Company is always the best way to go. We provide superior services, with detail, to deliver a satisfying experience. If the Customer have a questions or request that needs extra attention, We don't argue it, We don't debate it, We get to it to fulfill the Client's desires and expectations. Companies in this field ask you to pay for quality & deliver mediocre service. We ask you to pay for a Service and We deliver Quality. 
    2. Who do We Service? We Serve the Entire State of New York and Connecticut. We serve Residential, Commercial, & Governmental Clients. If you need Us, we will always be there for you. 
    3. Bulk Price Quote Comparison? Bring us Any other Company Quotes and We GUARANTEE to beat their prices. Our Clients are our Family, We are dedicated and devoted to taking care of you. We will give you a Better price than any Company and/or Service provider. WE GUARANTEE IT.
    4. Why Shop Breathing4aReason? We describe every product precisely, providing clear photos and letting clients/customers know if a product is absolutely New or Absolutely pre-owned. We pride Ourselves on paying attention to Detail & knowing that the Clients hold the last say so on every service we provide. Beyond the "Customer is Always Right", here at Breathing4aReason.com; The Clients are Absolutely Right, no arguing, no debates. We Are Here for You.
    5. What is a the difference between Breathing4aReason and other online merchants? Breathing4aReason is devoted to giving back to it’s customers/clients and people in our lives who need the help. Most people spend their entire lives shopping at stores and online but these businesses never do anything in return for the Consumers. Breathing4aReason is changing the way people shop and get treated. We appreciate every Client, every customer, and we make sure every individual purchase is shown appreciation. We devote Giveaways to our customers/clients as much as we do for those patients, families, and medical professionals. Life needs to be reminded of Love and We are showing Love the Breathing4aReason way.
    6. Customer Discount? We offer all New Clients discounts. Discounts is as follows: New Clients, Seniors, Veterans, First Responders, Teachers, Students, Disability, Multiple Vehicle, Returning Client, Contractors, and  Referral program discount. Please, mention this during your call in to schedule and we will apply discounts applicable. {Maximum of 2 Discounts per Client}
    7. How To Book Us?  Call: (929)547-8161 Ext: 1 Sales or Ext: 2 Customer Service; or, @breathing4areason.com 
    8. Where is Breathing4aReason Services LLC Located? Our New York City Location: 30 Wall Street, 8th Floor, New York, NY 10005; and Connecticut Location: 515 Centerpoint Drive Suite 213, Middletown, CT 06457. We operate throughout the entire State of Connecticut and New York. Within a year we will be operating in multiple States throughout USA. 
    9. What is Breathing4aReason? We Value Family, Neighbors, Our Clients, Our Service Providers/Contractors, Our Service Men & Women, Our Country, We Value Commitment. We believe in honoring our agreements, providing the best services, honoring our clients request & property, & inspiring All to Breathe 4a Reason. We are Committed to paying attention to detail, performing at superior levels and outpricing ALL competitors Without lowering our quality of our Service(s). 
    10. What to Expect? Expect your orders to be fulfilled promptly, to arrive on Time and as Scheduled. There will be no delays or disappointments {Guaranteed}. All Services will be completed by the completion time and All giveaways will be proudly honored.
    11. What Type of Products Do We Sell? All Products are New or Pre-Owned, which will be clearly stated within the Product title and/or Product Description. Many of our New products are within their original packaging, with tags. Our Pre-Owned items are fully examined for quality to resale, We will not resale any product deemed to not reach a Pre-Owned, like New Quality Standard. 
NOTE: Breathing4aReason, Incorporated, do NOT own the rights and/or intellectual properties of any products presented for sale on Breathing4aReason.com. We operate as a Resale for all products not Breathing4aReason Merchandise.