Breathing4aReason Golden Giveaways

Breathing4aReason Golden Giveaway

We do giveaway's on All of our Instagram Accounts, YouTube Channels and These Giveaway’s are directly to show appreciation to All of our Customers and Clients. All Giveaway Honorees will receive said Gift(s) stated for that time period.

Instagram Accounts:

  • Breathing4_areasonbrand
  • Latoyadoesthisandthat
  • Daytimeisplaytime

YouTube Channels:

  • She Does it All!
  • Day Time is Play Time with Maxie & Popsir
  • Breathing4 aReason
  • TuffRuss 10TV{Parental advisory/Adult Content}

Rules to Win:

  1. You must Subscribe to Our Newsletter, here at;
  2. Follow Us on All Instagram Accounts;
  3. Subscribe to All of Our YouTube Channels;
  4. COMMENT "DONE" on Each Account for Verification.

Automatic Entries:

  • If you make a purchase at Any Breathing4aReason site you will receive a ticket stub. You must keep this ticket stub because it's your entry to win the giveaway prize.


Winners will be Announced after each channel Reach the following: 100 Followers, 100 Subscribers, 1,000 Followers, 1,000 Subscribers, 5,000 Followers, 5,000 Subscribers, 10,000 Followers/Subscribers, 25,000 Followers/Subscribers, 50,000 Followers/Subscribers, 100K Followers/Subscribers; and thereafter every additional 50K Followers/Subscribers to each Account we will do a giveaway. 
Every winner will be Announced on the Accounts as they reach the aforementioned Follower/Subscriber goal counts.
NOTE: If you Follow or Subscribe to All of our Accounts, to Continue to be considered in the Giveaways Remain Active on the Account and YouTube Content with Likes, Comments, and Shares, and We will keep you in the drawings. Your chance of winning never stops, keep winning.
Prizes will range from $100 Gift Cards to Merch from Our stores, but not limited to these prizes. As the Instagram and YouTube Channels grow, the prizes can change in range. Once each account Reach 1 Million Followers/Subscribers the Prize of Gift Cards will be bigger.