How We Help Others

Breathing4aReason, inc. is dedicated to helping Kids with serious and/or terminal illnesses as well as adults. One of the greatest hardships on a family when someone is facing a serious and/or terminal illness is the medical expenses. Our Pledge to you, our Supporters and Customers is that we will give medical grants. These Medical Grants is to provide Financial assistance to those needing help with medical bills, and/or coverage. 

Many Health professionals, Doctors and Nurses work tirelessly tending to patients and families going through these health challenges. Many of them so dedicated that they forget about tending to their own lives. We, at Breathing4aReason will also Honor these professionals with a paid for family vacation each year, as a Thank You. 

Our Pledge; We will give the Honoree(s) Medical grants to help their Family facing Financial hardships and/or that is facing serious and/or terminal illness within their family. These grants will be money issued grants directly to the Family. Every purchase made here helps fund these causes. Every purchase is special. Through your help and purchases we together can help another family in their greatest time of need and/or Honor the Men & Women that help care for these families.

How to Apply:

All submissions must be Submitted via Email:

Deadline: October 31,2023

Winner's announced: November 16,2023 

Submission Rules: Submit the Following things, yet, not limited to these things herein:

  • Why should you or a family member or medical professional be Honored;
  • Whom is the person facing the illness or Medical professional;
  • What do Breathing4aReason Mean to You;
  • A Photo or video of the person with the illness or Medical Professional;
  • Give Clear Consent/Permission to Breathing4aReason, Inc. permission to publicized your Submission and all associated contents with the submissions.

Please, note, Breathing4aReason, Inc. will announce Honorees and/or all submissions on their website and/or all associated social media accounts. If you wish to remain anonymous your submission will automatically be disqualified. Please, give express permission to Breathing4areason to utilize all submissions and content therein as they see fit.