Meet Breathing4aReason, Inc. Non-Profit Organization

CEO Rj Long with His Head Doctor; Dr. Miller, at A Hospital Cancer event on National Cancer Survivor's Day....
Breathing4aReason, Inc. Non-Profit Organization was the Dream of a 13 year old boy, after being diagnosed with Stage 4 Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma. He lost 11 pounds within 2 days, was admitted to the ICU and had a tumor removed from the left side of his chest. Later, he and his mother was told the tumor was the size of a nerf football. After Test was done, it was determined he had Stage 4 Cancer and could likely die within 60 days due to how rapidly the cancer was eating at his young body, it spreaded throughout his body. Over 25 years later, RJ Long goes into Hospitals, talking to Children, Adults and Parents faced with life changing diagnosis, as well as striving to help as many in need as possible. 
Through Breathing4aReason; we strive to motivate, educate and inspire people by way of books, apparel, and other forms of entertainment. Rj Long is a prolific writer, who has survived many adversities in life and created this platform to not only showcase his talents, to showcase others and provide employment opportunities for many. Breathing4aReason is Raising Awareness, While Building a Difference.
Rj Long aka Cancer Boy