Collection: Breathing4aReason Gift Collection

Our Breathing4aReason Gift Collection is our most precious Collection. We thrive on Love and sharing intimate moments in life. Our Exclusive Poems, Cards, and Brand makes each and every gift from this collection special. Every Poem and Card designed is exclusive to Breathing4aReason, these gifts can not be found and/or duplicated.

We Love our Clients and Our Cause. We bring to you now Exclusive Poetry from Our CEO and President of Breathing4aReason Rj Long and L. S. Johnson; written under their Collaborative Moniker “Poetik Drama”.

Poetik; represents L.S. Johnson as the sweeter side, the light to the darkness.

Drama; represents Rj Long as the thorn to this rose;

Together, they are the incredible Kreative force the world is coming to know and love and will be known as Poetik Drama.

These Gifts are Special and one of kind.