Breathing4aReason Services LLC FAQ

    1. Why Choose Breathing4aReason Services? Employing a Quality Care, Performance Company is always the best way to go. We provide superior services, washing & waxing your vehicles with detail, to deliver a satisfying experience. If the Client can see a spot that needs extra attention, We don't argue it, We don't debate it, We Clean it to fulfill the Client's desires and expectations. Companies in this field ask you to pay for quality & deliver mediocre service. We ask you to pay for a Service and We deliver Quality. 
    2. Who do We Service? We Serve the Entire State of Connecticut. We serve Residential, Commercial, & Governmental Properties. If you need Us, we will always be there for you. 
    3. Quote Comparison? Bring us Any other Company Quotes and We GUARANTEE to beat their prices. Our Clients are our Family, We are dedicated and devoted to taking care of you. We will give you a Better price than any Company and/or Service provider. WE GUARANTEE IT.
    4. Why Choose Waterless? We are Eco-Aware, Eco-Friendly. Water conservation is needed, especially in these times of rampant wild fires & fire related tragedies. We are introducing to Connecticut a Waterless Car Wash & Wax. Not only as good as ALL the Water Car Washes & Detailers throughout Connecticut, We are Waterless and Absolutely better than All the rest. We pride Ourselves on paying attention to Detail & knowing that the Clients hold the last say so on every job. Beyond the "Customer is Always Right", here at Breathing4aReason Services LLC; The Clients are Absolutely Right, no arguing, no debates. We Are Here for You.
    5. What is a Waterless Car Wash & Wax? We utilize groundbreaking technologies in Car Paint Safe, Wash & Wax Solutions. The products we have chosen to utilize for Our Clients have been Tested & Perfected for at least 25 yrs.. Our chosen products are effective on Cars, Motorcycles, Boats, Planes, etc.. They are also tested and approved as Bio-degradable solutions. These products Wash & Wax your Vehicles, Tires & Rims.
    6. Benefits of a Waterless Car Wash? Conveyor Belt Car Washes and Soap Car Washes aren’t being honest with you. The hard Slapping and force spraying through the Car Wash compounded with hard soapy chemicals deteriorates your vehicle paint integrity in time. Soapy chemicals eat at the compound make up of your paint and in time your sheen goes to dull. With us, we are utilizing a biodegradable solution to all of your Car Wash Problems. We utilize micro fiber towels, We clean with care and each waterless wash also waxes and reenforce your paints sealant coats, keeping your vehicle shining for it’s entire life time. In the event you ever decide to sale or trade in your vehicle it will always be showcase ready, drawing in multiple potential buyers.
    7. Why Choose A Mobile Service? We come to you. We come to your Home, Work, and/or wherever you may decide. Being waterless we can literally wash & wax your vehicle anywhere, at any time. You set your Completion time, and We will arrive at the location of your choosing, Waterless Wash & Wax your Vehicle & Tires & Rims, before your Requested Completion time. You Schedule & We Work. You Relax & We Work... You Work & Need it Washed before you go out that night & We arrive & make sure your vehicle Shine. We are better than the Rest, We are the Best..
    8. Do it Really Wash & Wax? Yes, Our chosen products Truly Washes & Wax your Vehicle, Rims, & Tires... 
    9. Customer Discount? We offer all New Clients discounts. Discounts is as follows: New Clients, Seniors, Veterans, First Responders, Teachers, Students, Disability, Multiple Vehicle, Returning Client, Contractors, and  Referral program discount. Please, mention this during your call in to schedule and we will apply discounts applicable. {Maximum of 2 Discounts per Client}
    10. How To Book Us?  Call: (929)547-8161 Ext: 1 Sales or Ext: 2 Customer Service; or, 
    11. Booking Instructions? Book your Service(s) at least 1 week in advance of the service date(s) you desire. ALL Deposits are Non-Refunded. Please, be certain that all Contractors are able to access location(s) for all services scheduled. It is the Client duty to be certain Contractors can gain access to Vehicle(s), Lawns and/or Land/Property to perform their jobs. ALL Services will receive a free Consultation/examination. Set up a Free Consultation Today.
    12. How to Reschedule? NOTE: All Rescheduling must be done no later than 3 days prior to the Scheduled Service(s). All jobs that may fall within Bad weather timing, We will contact our Clients within 24 - 48 Hrs of the Scheduled Service to Confirm a Rain/Bad Weather Date. Rest assured, We will strive to Complete Car Wash Services during Bad Weather, in the event you do not receive a rescheduling call from us due to Weather News predicting Bad Weather Our Service providers will be arriving as scheduled to perform service(s).
    13. Where is Breathing4aReason Services LLC Located? We are Located at 515  Centerpoint Drive Suite 213, Middletown, CT 06457. We operate throughout the entire State of Connecticut.   Within a year we will be operating in multiple States throughout USA. 
    14. What is Breathing4aReason? We Value Family, Neighbors, Our Clients, Our Service Providers/Contractors, Our Service Men & Women, Our Country, We Value Commitment. We believe in honoring our agreements, providing the best services, honoring our clients request & property, & inspiring All to Breathe 4a Reason. We are Committed to paying attention to detail, performing at superior levels and outpricing ALL competitors Without lowering our quality of our Service(s). 
    15. What to Expect? Expect Service Providers to arrive on Time and as Scheduled. Expect your Vehicle(s), Lawns, and/or Snow to be properly attended to. All vehicles will be washed & waxed, the Entire exterior of the Vehicle, and  wheels & Rims. There will be no spots of dirt left behind {Guaranteed}. All Lawns will be mowed, leaf blowing, and weed whacking. All Driveways, walk paths leading to your home from the streets, and/or parking spots will be cleared of snow. All Services will be completed by the completion time requested by our clients. NOTE: All Services have Add on Services as well.
    16. What Type of Products or Equipment Do We Use? We utilize a bio-degradable solution for the waterless car wash & wax. 
NOTE: Breathing4aReason, Incorporated, do NOT own Breathing4aReason Services LLC.; Breathing4aReason Services LLC. is Hosted on this Site, it do not Own this Site. Breathing4aReason Services LLC is a Limited Liability Corp..