Who is Rj Long, Inc.?

Who is Breathing4aReason, Inc.?

We are a Family, that believed in dreams we had that no one else could see. We began to build on that dream piece by piece, bit by bit, until we could actually see those dreams. Then, we began to show other’s our dreams, while delivering our core belief to all. If you dream, the dream can live beyond the dreamer. If you believe; then the impossible becomes possible. We began to inspire others who seen our dream, to begin to dream if they did not already have dreams, to begin to believe in their dreams if they already had dreams. Those who were given 60 days to live notice’s by way of Stage 4 Cancer as Our Founder Rj Long was given and/or by some other illness or barrier telling people they could not dream any longer, we inspire you all to Know & Understand that You All Are Breathing4aReason. Rj Long, Inc. will help change the World…. We Will Inspire The World…..

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