Look Book, An Xclusive Look at Our Evolving Brand

Look Book, An Xclusive Look at Our Evolving Brand

Our Very First Products:

We created the book "The Cure" by Rj long, Handmade, on top of a washing machine. Cost of going to a publishing place was extremely high, and trying to get a book deal is nearly impossible.

Rj Long has wrote many novels, poems, songs, etc. and his determination to see his dreams become reality. He went out and purchased a printer, computer, and a few boxes of paper from Staples. With those papers, his books and his dreams he began to build his dream.

Then came the Breathing4aReason Hats & Tees, All handmade. This unique fact is pathing a way for Rj Long, Incorporated and Breathing4aReason Brand to become one of the world's most renowned Companies and Fashion success stories ever. 

Every moment is meant to Inspire others, especially children who are being told that they may not live or will not live much longer, all the children & people who are told that they'll never be anything in life. You can do anything in life you put your mind into and believe in because Believing makes the impossible Possible. We Are Breathing4aReason.... 


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