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Breathing4aReason Blog

Breathing4aReason™ Brand (#Own2018 Collection) is an Innovative, kreative Xpression based Apparel that highlights awareness messages by way of our Spoken Word & Artistic Images.

We know through this Visually Descriptive & Figurative Language on our Apparel We can Successfully draw Awareness to Childhood Cancer as well as Shine a broader light upon the overall Epidemic of All Cancer forms & types Collectively. This is the very Core of Breathing4aReason Brand, Raising Awareness while Building a Difference in the World.

Breathing4aReason Brand promise to Focus on the Ills & Illnesses We face in today's Societies, while Promising to deliver Medical Financial grants to children & Families Affected by Cancer & Other Serious Illness, to help them receive better treatment.

Our mission is to break this curse the world know as Cancer while helping those who truly need Hope when the diagnosis seems hopeless, Inspire when the light seems darkest, and Stimulate dreams in the minds of All our Children Worldwide. 1 in 3 People will be Diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime, over 17 million people are diagnosed each year world wide,

Let's Stand Together, 1 Form of Cancer is just as Bad as Any Form of Cancer, so as One People let's begin "Breathing4aReason™".

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